School Counselors in Philadelphia have been helping students and their families for decades.  We have worked tirelessly with community partners and have gone above and beyond what many could ask.  If you have a testimony about a school counselor who has helped you, worked with your family or community based organization, please tell us about it.  The School District of Philadelphia administration needs to know that School Counselors play an important role in the educational process.  Your testimonials will be compiled and used as supporting documents for the fight to save School Counselors in the School District of Philadelphia.

There have been hundreds of supporters who have written testimonials, here are some samples from a few of our supporters:

[Philly Counselors United] Testimonials
“The school district should not get rid of school counselors. Counselors play a huge role in the high school experience. I personally love my counselor Mrs. Vanessa Drego. Her kindness and compassion has helped so much during the school year. Counselors are important because they help student out with job applications, enrollment into college, SAT’s, goal planning, and much more. Their job is to guide students and assist them with everything we need help with. My counselor has personally help me get a job and I appreciate her so much for that. The most recent experience I’ve had with my counselor was yesterday. Yesterday I was having a really bad day and she sat down and talk to me. The talk we had made me feel 10 times better. Her caring personality made me change my whole attitude. I enjoy my counselor and I love the guidance she gives me. Getting rid of her would hurt my heart so bad. I really need her with me during my high school experience. This would be a terrible lost for all the students that could benefit from counselors all the world. KEEP MRS. DREGO , WE LOVE YOU !!!!”

Adeah Anderson
Parkway West High School

[Philly Counselors United] Testimonials
“I am a Safe Schools Specialist, and I am VERY concerned about the incredible negative impact on children’s emotional, physical and psychological health that eliminating school counseling positions will have. I have worked closely with School Counselors and I can assure you they are providing services and expertise that is not provided by any else within our school buildings. They are in no way an “extra” service- not when the children of Philadelphia are facing multiple life stressors, such as poverty, community and family violence, incarcerated parents, drug and alcohol issues, pregnancy, achievements gaps, ETC!!! School counselors literally save lives by building relationships with students, connecting them and their families with critically needed services, teaching social-emotional coping strategies and educating the teaching staff in how to meet the diverse/complex needs of all of their students. It truly would be a crime to remove the few counselors we have from the schools.”

Temple University

[Philly Counselors United] Testimonials
“To Whom It May Concern: As a former employee of the School District of Philadelphia, it is really beyond belief that you would choose to eliminate the position of School Counselors. Children in the district, particularly in the West Philadelphia area are in a state of crisis. They are not learning, due to many issues present in their environment. It is crucial that students and their families continue to receive the necessary support to help them be successful. It is bad enough that Social Workers were laid-off, but I strongly urge you to maintain School Counselors in the district as they are a very vital part of the process that is desperately needed for both academic and emotional achievement! “

Yvette Erving, MSW