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For details about the budget go to and click on FY14 Guide to School Budgets for 2013-2014. Starting on page 4, you’ll see everything that has been “Eliminated.”

Life Without School Counselors:


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  1. The school counselor is my partner. As an educator I rely on the counselor’s expertise in many areas to assist in instructing students. Teaching is a collaborative effort. In order to provide the best learning environment a team comes together to discuss strategies, best practices and ways to reach all students. The counselor plays an important role in this process. We need them, students need them and parents need them. Save our counselors!!!!


    This is an article that was shared by the ACA. It talks about the importance of school counselors and librarians. Please share.

  3. I think we need to have all the seniors who are walking in the Mayor’s VIp parade hold signs saying save our counselors!

    1. I like this!

  4. Student Statement
    Tahir Taylor-8th Grade
    Morris E. Leeds Middle School

    What is this school district of Philadelphia coming to?
    Does the school district even about our feelings?
    Does the school district even care about what we think?

    School counselors are the key to my success. If they are removed from schools, then who are the students going to talk to? Moreover, who’s going to care about the students. By getting rid of school counselors it’s going to increase the risk of the drop out rate. Another reason you need to keep counselors is because there will be no one for students to talk about their problems with if they are gone. With no counselors in schools students’ behavior will get worse and there will be more chaos in schools. School counselors are very important to the school district of Philadelphia and to all school districts around the country.

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